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Being bloggers ourselves, we are constantly reading all sorts of articles that get us thinking or inspire us.  Sometimes we discuss these articles or respond to them directly here at EurOK!  Awhile back, Enjouée started keeping a document of links to other blog articles that she particularly liked, and we feel that it’s time that we begin to share them with you all.  We’ll start to compile links to articles we think you might enjoy if you’ve been enjoying EurOK, especially if they relate to recent topics we’ve been blogging about.

Recently, both Enjouée and Vivaz blogged about having short hair.  Here is a lovely article written from a man’s perspective on women having short hair:  You go, Ben!

A wonderful article that directly relates to my blog post “And On Earth Peace:”

We’ve had several posts about mothers lately.  Here’s another article about wonderful womanly, motherly qualities:

It’s no secret that your three favorite admins here at EurOk are all short-haired beauties who are all pro-hair choice and fully support any woman who wants to go short.  Excuse the language in the title, but here is a wonderful article to support all of our recent articles supporting strong women who choose to go short:

Do not settle, Ladies and Gents!  Never give up on what you believe in for fear of not finding someone.  A great read about upholding God’s will in a world that encourages us to do quite the opposite:

I always love reading articles about things that guys and girls supposedly think about one another, you know, the psych of relationships and such because I like seeing how crazy they are and how crazy enough they might be to be true.  This particular article I found to be surprisingly accurate and reassuring:

Every year there’s plenty of articles about things you should and shouldn’t do come New Year.  I’ve stopped reading them because they’re pretty much all the same, and most of them aren’t all that helpful anyway.  But the title of this particular article caught my attention, and I have to say, it was worth the read:

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  This is an insanely wonderful vlog called “What Boys Look For in Girls.”  I encourage all of you ladies (and gents!) to watch it.  Someone finally gets it right.

A great article about commitment in relationships from a married (committed!) guy who is sick of seeing guys being all wishy-washy in our “hang out” and hook-up culture.  By no means is anybody absolving the ladies from their commitment issues, but this is a great post about the men side of things:

Great article about the beautiful commitment that marriage is and an interesting perspective on Nicholas Sparks novels and “the one.”  I would just like to add that I think you end up feeling like the person you marry is “the one” for you, or at least you should, and that to an extent, they are; God knew what he was doing when he created everyone, so in theory, your “one” has to be the person you marry.  Because God made you both knowing that you’d end up together, and if he didn’t make one of you, you couldn’t be the other’s “one.”  So you have to be “the one” for the other… does that make sense?

So sadly relevant to today’s dating culture:

Some of these lessons are so hard to learn (believe me, I’ve been there myself!), but they are so, so worth it!  Here’s to raising and growing into more strong women:

A great read for women in college.  She’s so right:

Quite awesome:

A beautiful read.  A lot of things that we ladies all know deep down but sometimes need to be reminded of.  Never settle.  He’s out there:

Beautiful.  Each and every one of you is beautiful:

Lovely article about falling in love and knowing true love when you find it.  So relevant to young adult life:



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