Why You Should Spend a Night in a Hotel Room Alone at Least Once in Your Life



On my last night in the Dominican Republic, I stayed in a hotel room by myself.  The priest we’d been staying with, who incidentally had made the hotel arrangements for us, told us, much to our surprise, that he’d been told that each of the eight of us on the trip had wanted our own rooms.  So as I didn’t have a spouse or relative on the trip with me with whom I could share a room as some others did, I had a room to myself that night.  This was quite the surprise, the gift, and the blessing.

I’d never stayed in a hotel room by myself before.  I hadn’t been expecting to that night.  I was expecting to be sharing a room with one of the other ladies on the trip, each having our own twin bed a la hotels in Europe.  I didn’t have to worry about anything because Father was taking care of it.  There was something relaxing about knowing that after a day out and about in Santo Domingo, that room was all mine: the shower, the bed, everything.

I decided that that night, I was going to sleep naked.

This may not seem like that important of a decision, but for me it was.  I’d never slept completely naked before.  I only just started sleeping in my underwear and bra this past year.  At home, I never would because I was always afraid someone would walk in and see me exposed.  I only started doing it at school because the only people that I had to “worry” about were my two female roommates who also spent their fair share of nights in their undergarments as well.

Part of sleeping naked is being okay with oneself, accepting one’s body for what it is.  So that night as I took of my clothes, I took off my shame.  The shame that I felt about my body, the need that I felt to always have it covered up.  And it was a relief.  It was a relief to look at myself in the mirror, really look at myself, and not feel the need to cover myself up.  To bask in the fact that sometimes it’s okay to be naked.

Staying the night in a hotel room by yourself is one of the greatest acts of self-love: to give yourself the chance to be alone with yourself, to get to know yourself, and to appreciate who you are on the inside and out.  And for that reason, I recommend that you do it if you ever get the chance.  Staying in the hotel room alone and sleeping naked.

The first step to happiness is self-love.  You deserve it.




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