Behind the Scenes

As we have mentioned several other places on the blog, all three of us do other writing, fiction, to be exact, outside of our blogging.  We have all written so many little “scenes” or “mini-stories” that are just snapshots of a plotline or somewhat of a fully-developed story over a short time-span.  None of these scenes connect together in plot, and we don’t intend to develop any of them into full stories or novels.  However, we really enjoy writing them because they get the creative juices flowing and allow us to use a lot of ideas that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to.  So, we are going to publish some of them on here for all of you to read!

For an easy find, we will categorize all of these “scenes” as they are, well, just that- scenes.  If you’re still confused as to what we mean by “scenes,” I’m sure you will understand once you read one of them.  Sometimes we may or may not explain some of the personal background to the scene or any references we have made within the scene.  You will, at the very least, know which one of us wrote the scene, and I’m sure once you read enough of them, you’ll be able to start to tell the difference purely by writing style alone.

Finally, we ask that you keep an open mind.  Writing is a process, so obviously everything we post here isn’t perfect; there may be some plot holes.  Of course, we would love to hear feedback on how you like the scenes or what kind of scenes you would like to see in the future.  We take your comments into consideration.

Thanks.  Gracias.  Merci.  Grazie.

-Vivaz, Enjouée, and Jeavoi


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