Things I Learned the Semester I Did A Lot of Crazy (Awesome) Things

Formerly known as “the Semester I Took All Music Classes.”  But that’s the title I gave this semester before I did the crazy (awesome) things.  While both are genuine descriptors, if I’m being honest, what I am going to remember about this semester when I look back on college is all of the crazy (awesome) things that I did.  I stepped out of my comfort zone.  I tried new things.  I pushed myself to meet new people and reach out to people I wanted to connect with more.  And in a lot of ways, it was a very fruitful semester because of that.  So, what are all of these crazy (awesome) things, you ask? Well:

  1. Learn a role and perform an entire musical in twenty-four hours.
  2. Join a sorority.
  3. Understudy 7 parts at once.
  4. Dance Marathon.
  5. Perform as Martin Luther in a Counter-Reformation-themed parody of “You’ll Be Back” from Hamilton.
  6. Plan a trip to Ghana for this summer.

And in doing these crazy (awesome) things and taking all music classes and just generally living my life, I learned a whole slew of new things.  I’ll share them with you:

  1. The peace that comes from making a decision that has been stressing you out, and what’s more, knowing that you made the “right” decision.
  2. Bone bruises are like being kicked by a horse.
  3. Pattern: I am attracted to wrestlers who love music.
  4. Toxic people don’t stop being toxic just because you walked away; they find new people to be toxic to.
  5. Going from extreme heat to extreme cold really dries out your skin.
  6. Just because you said something stupid doesn’t mean you are stupid.
  7. It’s really nice coming back to campus and having people notice your tan and the sun highlights in your hair.
  8. Mitchim Huntzberger predicts the state of Rory in the Gilmore Girls Revival in 5.21.
  9. I’m getting tired of answering the question “How was Peru/how was your trip?” because the one-word, short-and-sweet answers that people expect because they’re being polite and are mildly curious but don’t actually want to sit down and hear you talk about how it changed your life are completely dissatisfying.
  10. Jess is the one to set Rory on the right path both times (6.8 & revival).
  11. Google calendar is my life.
  12. Lauren Graham is the principal in The Pacifier.
  13. “Perhaps the butterfly is proof that you can go through a great deal of darkness and still become something beautiful.” -Anonymous
  14. Any rule that includes the word “usually” is useless. (Kreuscher)
  15. Seriously though, one of the biggest lies I’ve ever told is “I don’t care that I lost my sock.”
  16. The more that I think about it, the more I realize that I really am just a smidge shy of being a germophobe.
  17. It is not okay to say “I need to go get my sack of herbs” out loud in a public place because even though you are not talking about pot, it is going to seem like you are, indeed, talking about pot.
  18. A week into the semester and I’m already exhausted by walking between my room and the music building several times per day.
  19. Ireland is going to show up literally everywhere now.  It is never going to go away.
  20. Legally Blonde –> Kyle –> Hook –> Once Upon a Time.
  21. Just as there are too many varieties of pillow, there are too many varieties of toothpaste and ibuprofen.
  22. Adulting is hard because when you go to the store to buy one of the above items, you have to choose which variety yourself.
  23. The fact that Sean Gunn, the actor that played Kirk on Gilmore Girls, predicted the final four words to be “Luke, you’re my father” makes my life (
  24. The name “James Weldon Johnson” gives you “street cred.” (Dr. Alisha Jones)
  25. Never miss an opportunity to be silly (“So-Si-So-Si-So”). (Dr. E)
  26. It’s so weird to think that different people would say that different things make up “classic” me.
  27. “The __________ of _________.” (Ex.: “The meningitis scare of 2016”)
  28. Sometimes I tell stories like Ted Mosbey: “And that is the story of the time I saved Brandt from burning down.”
  29. If you put salt on a snail, the snail will die.  If you put a snail on top of another snail, the snail goes slower. (Jake Laske)
  30. How to Bend and Snap.
  31. All nighters give you jet lag.
  32. The word package is forever hilarious.
  33. It took me way too long to realize what “He can dance without moving his arms” meant. (“Ireland,” Legally Blonde)
  34. “Corner Bar has karaoke on Tuesdays.  I know that because the football players told me last night.” Hashtag ‘add that to the list of things I thought I’d never say.’
  35. Violin music, no matter how beautiful, puts me to sleep.
  36. I forgot how hard it is to be a second-semester junior.
  37. The ranch in the salad line is better than the stuff you pump out of those jugs and onto your sandwiches at the condiment bar.
  38. You’ll find your way back to people who are meant to be in your life.
  39. It’s not normal to know all of the words to Tevye’s opening monologue of Fiddler on the Roof.
  40. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy leisure reading during breakfast.
  41. “And I haven’t cried in awhile, so that needed to happen,” is totally a thing.
  42. Food is the way to my heart.
  43. I should add “Bartok the bat from Anastasia” to my list of dialects that I put under “special talents” on audition forms.
  44. God bless my dad for answering yes and no questions with “‘Aye!’ -Killian.”
  45. It makes me so happy that my roommate says that witty banter is classic me.
  46. I’m from Erudite.
  47. They don’t prepare you for today’s politics in high school social studies.
  48. We, as Americans, are generally undereducated about Africa.
  49. Feeling comfortable going places alone or even just eating alone is something you come back from Europe with.
  50. There are options when making big life decisions, and they don’t have to be permanent.  One of them could be living in Spain for a year after graduation. (Profesora Gates)
  51. This music-Spanish combination really isn’t as uncommon as you might think.
  52. If wearing what you consider to be a “mildly classy” outfit elicits responses of, “Why are you dressed up today?” you may want to rethink your daily wardrobe choices.
  53. It’s really satisfying to hear your roommate’s mom say, “None of the life choices you have made in the last few months surprise me.”
  54. You can be really stressed out and still be happier than you’ve been in a long time.  The two things aren’t mutually exclusive.
  55. Me every day in February that is sunny and sixty-five: “The sun is shining, the tank is clean… THE TANK IS CLEAN!”
  56. It’s weird to sit twenty feet away from somebody that you used to know and be totally chill as if you never were more than you are now: two people in the same vicinity at the same point in time.
  57. There is nothing like hearing someone you care about say, “I support everything you do.”
  58. I am never staying alone in the room during bad weather again.
  59. I can be really bad at keeping eye contact sometimes.
  60. The proper response when someone asks me a bunch of questions about what I want to do with my future: “Me no know, me just barely hatched!” (The Land Before Time)
  61. I need to stop benching myself in the game of Life.
  62. “My housekeeping style is best described as ‘There appears to have been a struggle.'” -Anonymous via Sleepy Panda
  63. The reason I am so unpleasant while waiting in line for food in the caf is I am hangry.
  64. The fact that almost this entire post is overrun with pop culture references is reason #5000 why I am Lorelai Gilmore.
  65. If you are respectful and honest, you should be able to speak your mind, even if it opposes the thoughts and opinions of the person in power, without fear of retribution.
  66. How to balance the desire to be an informed citizen with the necessity of remaining sane.
  67. Having auditions and masterclasses and seminar (oh my!) to prepare for makes you feel like a real musician doing “real musician” things.
  68. Emily Fons is such an inspiration to me.
  69. I love dreaming up staging for musicals with my roommate.
  70. Ambition is one of my dominating traits.  It’s why I’m a Slytherin.  It’s why I’m a Hamilton… or a Burr (it depends on if you think I can wait for it ;)).
  71. If you’re nervous for an audition, just imagine your non-music major roommate sight-singing your aria for you, but on the syllable “Po” because she doesn’t know Italian and Po is her favorite Teletubby.
  72. There’s a very good reason that there are sayings about “love, sex, and drugs.”  Because music that you like activates the same pleasure centers in your brain that are activated by sex and drugs. (Dr. E)
  73. Hearing disappointing news through the grapevine is more hurtful than the disappointment itself.
  74. Apparently, I can be found within the vicinty of my backpack at any given moment and if not, it is cause for concern.
  75. I quite possibly have the weakest left ankle known to man.
  76. The response “Don’t worry.  I fall down a lot,” never seems to comfort people who witness my far-too-frequent falling.
  77. People who are practically complete strangers know that my roommate and I are an “all or nothing” kind of a deal.
  78. You can leave a pizza out overnight and eat it the next day without dying or contracting food poisoning.
  79. I know more people than I thought.
  80. “We are engaged in a battle for our nation’s very soul.” (“What’d I Miss?” Hamilton)
  81. It is so important to tell people that you care for them and that you appreciate them.  If you don’t, they may never know.
  82. Roll down the chip bag to prevent getting orange knuckles.
  83. Listening to the voices in the neighboring practice room to guess who is next to you is totally a thing.
  84. The smirk gets me every time (#Hook).
  85. Saying “it’s your prerogative” is like a really fancy way of saying “do what you want, I don’t care, FU.”
  86. You have to find a balance between totally immersing yourself in one or two pieces of music and not beating a dead horse.
  87. “A yawn is a silent cry for coffee.” -Caribou Coffee
  88. “Justice is what love looks like in public.” -some sign I saw in Minneapolis
  89. I know the Durufle “Kyrie” better now after ACDA than I did at Christmas at Luther.
  90. I miss Dr. Anne Howard Jones.
  91. Skyways are great.
  92. I forgot how much I hate waiting for nailpolish to dry.
  93. My spirit animal is a hedgehog because I can be “prickly” like Emma Swan.
  94. I forget that “The Jellicle Ball” in Cats s not actually called “The Mid-Production Jam-Out,” and if I type the latter in the YouTube search bar, the interwebs will not know what I am talking about.
  95. Sometimes, when you’re in the middle of thinking you have everything under control, life flips you on your ass.
  96. Using the frats and sororities from Monsters University is not a helpful way to learn the Greek alphabet.
  97. The fact that I loved Cats, an obscure sung-through megamusical, from the age of three should’ve been a dead give away that I’d grow up to be an opera singer.
  98. It is impossible to be sad while listening to ragtime.
  99. I need to stop catastrophizing.  Stop treating every mistake like the end of the world. (Parenthood)
  100. I have a bizarre impulsive streak.
  101. I love doing the unexpected and defying expectations.  I never want someone to feel like he can put me in a box.
  102. I collect masks, show momentos, and stamps in my passport.
  103. I am convinced that there is a chemical in my brain called “wanderlust” that is released when I plan a trip, take a trip, or even think about a trip.
  104. The feeling of being treated like a “professional” in an “amateur” situation.
  105. If you want to be really clear about whether or not you’re into someone and asking them out or not, ask them to dinner like this: “Want to grab some grub (as friends)?”
  106. Some people will never conduct 7/4 correctly.
  107. But did you really just get done with a show if you’re not ill from the letdown?
  108. If Hermione Granger were a music major, she would go to the library to take out the Bach B minor Mass for some light sight reading.
  109. What happens when you’re roommate takes all of the stupid, (sometimes) funny crap you say to her all of the time and turns it around on you.
  110. 24-hour bugs are totally a thing.
  111. I got more sleep when I was abroad than I do here.
  112. I can respect an opposing argument but only if it is well constructed.
  113. Professor Jill Phillips is a wonderful human.
  114. On hard pieces of music (I’m looking at you, long Bach phrases), even pros breathe in the same trouble spots that I breathe.
  115. Sometimes you just need a good talk with your mom.
  116. Not sure if the worst part of spring is having to dress for twelve climates every day or accidentally murdering 1000 worms just by walking to class.
  117. You can make a pouch out of your socks to hold stuff like lipstick.
  118. The existence of an “amplified cactus” as an instrument.
  119. The ballet sequence in Disney’s Fantasia is a parody of “Dance of the Hours” from La Gioconda. (confirmed via Wikipedia)
  120. I never get tired of seeing how excited my dog is when I come home from being at school.
  121. I now have an inflated, misleading sense of self-confidence because of my new life motto: “If I can learn a role in 24 hours, I can do anything.”
  122. I get freaked out sometimes when I think about my adventures for this summer and doubt that I can do it because Europe 2016 feels so far away that I’ve forgotten the courage and comfort that I built up during my time there.
  123. I spend an exorbitant amount of time looking up anything travel related.
  124. I am Hamilton because words mean a lot to me.
  125. I like Lambrusco.
  126. I’m so blessed that my cousins and I are so close.
  127. It’s terrifying to turn something in for a grade that you’re actually interested in and you lost a piece of your soul to while writing it.
  128. The tower they’re building in Sunday in the Park with George is the Eiffel Tower.  Add that to the list of things it took me way to long to realize. (Steffi Sea)
  129. The difference between sherbert and sorbet. (Isaac Ashby)
  130. Rocks dry quickly.
  131. It’s nice to be in a place where I’m not made to feel like dirt because I’m ill and cannot perform to full capacity.
  132. “Spit is just something that comes with being a musician.” -Elena Zarecky
  133. Pin curls make me look like a model.
  134. I was probably a gypsy in a former life.
  135. Redemption comes in many forms.
  136. Sometimes, after being with the same people for a long period of time, it’s okay to not want to be around them for a little while.  People overload is possible.
  137. I should have a song on hand for every occasion because I am randomly asked to sing for people when they find out I’m a singer way too often.
  138. Sometimes the moments fly by too fast, before you can realize that you just had another “last,” and sometimes you want to savor the moments and hang on every last breath.
  139. Study outside whenever you can; it’s good for you.
  140. We are Rory and Lorelai Gilmore.
  141. “Ndikhokhele Bawo” is the song at the heart of our choir.  It’s one of the first that I remember learning.  We sang it on 11/9/17 when a cloud hung over campus and everyone was afraid to speak, but it reminded us that community is bigger than fear.  We sang it at the memorial service of one of our colleagues.  It reminded another colleague of his home.  And we will sing it at Baccalaureate. “Ndikhokhele Bawo” is at the heart of the red robes.
  142. Jodie was right.  I do have a really strong visual memory. (so proud that I recognized Maria-Theresien-Straße in a random photo)
  143. First impressions really do count sometimes.  Sometimes there’s no erasing them.
  144. You can be in a sorority and still maintain your independence.
  145. It’s hardest to accept failure when you work your butt off and still don’t succeed.
  146. You know you’re a scholar when you have way too many reference books.
  147. I’ve been building up to Africa.
  148. It hurts me every time I think about next year being senior year.
  149. College has gone by in the blink of an eye.

And there you have it- another year done!  I can’t believe I just finished my junior year of college; it feels like I woke up one day and was a second-semester junior.  It’s been a great year, and I look forward to some new and exciting adventures this summer and then onto senior year!


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