Things I Learned My First Summer Home from College

Well, tomorrow I move back into college.  It’s been three months coming.  I’m certainly ready to go back; there’s a lot of things I missed about living on campus (my roommates, my independence…), but there are some things I’m going to miss about being home for the summer too.  And in honor of this transition, today I give you the things I learned during my first summer home from college.

  1. Your parents are just excited to hear you singing in the shower again.
  2. Queso is life.
  3. The adjustment phase is long and difficult (it’s hard losing the independence you had throughout the school year).
  4. It’s going to take you a week or two to readjust to “civilian” eating and sleeping schedules.
  5. You’re an adult now.  That means that you’re out of school, out and about, while everyone else is still studying away in those poorly ventilated classrooms.
  6. There’s nothing like the feeling you get when you unexpectedly see someone you’d been missing but thought you probably wouldn’t see again.
  7. You had forgotten some simple things about being at home.  Like which way the shower faucet goes.
  8. You’ve grown up a lot.  Now is the time when you have to start making doctor’s appointments on your own.
  9. People really do act crazy at the time of the full moon.
  10. Be nice.  Smile.  Everyone needs it.
  11. If you’re going to be standing for the majority of your day, stand well.  Feet hip/shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, arms at your side, spine well-aligned (thanks, First Stage).
  12. College lingo does not equal home lingo.
  13. You know they trust you to be the adult you are when they no longer wait up for you to get home from a late night out.
  14. The worst thing about all of the stupid things I say is that I say them so damn confidently (#planestation, #APSandwich).
  15. Stop looking for approval.  You’ll never find it, you’ll drive yourself crazy, and you’ll never be happy.  And you’ll also miss all of the people that think you’re amazing even if that one person you’re craving doesn’t seem to have taken notice.
  16. Just burp.
  17. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell whether you like him or you just like the way he makes you feel.
  18. Some people can make you smile with your lips, others can make you smile with your soul.
  19. Dreams are a portal into your untouched desires and deepest fears.
  20. Appreciate the elderly for what they can do instead of being put off by what they can’t.
  21. Just because someone doesn’t agree with you verbally doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t agree with you at all.
  22. You can always tell whose smile is for show and whose is for the love of their craft.
  23. “It’s complicated” is just a self-defense mechanism to prevent yourself from opening your heart and letting others in.
  24. Sometimes it’s just nice to know that someone loves you even if you don’t love them back the way they’d like.  At least you know that you’re worth loving.
  25. You’ll always find plenty of reasons not to be together, but they only matter if you let them.
  26. You know you’re really tan when even your hands are tan.
  27. Everyone should spend a night in a hotel room by himself at least once in his life.
  28. You can’t force the creation of “happy” moments to ensure beautiful pictures with real smiles.
  29. Thank God for the people who love us when we’re not ourselves when we’re hungry.
  30. Salutations!  No one uses them anymore because they’re too anxious to get to the point- what they need- from the interaction.
  31. If you ever need reassurance about what a lovely human you are, just look at the way a five-year-old little boy will look at and be coy with you.
  32. Just because someone seems as if he’s “getting ahead” of you, doesn’t mean he actually is.
  33. There is not an ultimate quota on good in the world.  A bad thing doesn’t have to happen to someone to balance out the good thing that happened to someone else.
  34. It is possible to go too far in your rebellion no matter how small.
  35. My dad donates blood because he knows that my brother and I would like to but cannot.  That may not seem like a big deal, but to me, that’s awesome!
  36. There comes a time when you’re just ready to go back.  You miss campus, you miss your roommates, you miss your friends…
  37. Even if you’re super close with your family and love them a lot, you’re at the point of your life where some space is an okay thing.  Because you can still be close and love them a lot even if your physical distance is great.
  38. Listen to your body.  It knows things.
  39. and  You’re welcome.
  40. You know you’ve found the right (best!) roommates when they still want you to be their third in their triple room on campus even though you won’t be on campus second semester.
  41. If he notices and appreciates all of your tiniest intricacies- how small your hands are and how your baby hairs curl around your face when it’s humid- then he loves all of you, body and all, no matter what size you are.
  42. My parents have forgotten what it’s actually like to live with me.  Like the cardinal rule of “don’t talk to me within half an hour of me getting out of bed (unless spoken to first or absolutely necessary), especially if it’s before 11 a.m.”
  43. What it’s like to have friends whose boyfriends actually come to you for advice and gift ideas, etc.
  44. Triple double stuf OREOs are a gift from God.
  45. In the end, we all end up getting what we deserve.  Karma is a ruthless b***h who is not above holding grudges.
  46. Just because our timeline intersects with another’s at a specific point in time does not mean that the emotions they are displaying at that time reflect how they truly feel about us.
  47. Tech rehearsals are just “patience” spelled T-E-C-H.
  48. When you turn 21 in a country whose drinking age is lower than 21, your 21st birthday becomes irrelevant.
  49. Sometimes it’s just nice to have an afternoon at home with your family.
  50. There are some things that you only do with your family and some things that they, in turn, will always wait to do with you (like make ice cream-waffle sandwiches :)).
  51. You can’t go back to being a kid, but you can come pretty darn close.  And sometimes, that feels pretty good.
  52. Your college language comes out when you get startled whether you like it or not.
  53. Your best friends are the ones that you don’t need to speak with every single day, but when you see each other, it’s like no time has passed, whether it’s been hours, months, or years.
  54. A pen and paper is so much more personal and meaningful than spending time with a screen.
  55. Ten days is much shorter time than I thought it was.
  56. I should’ve asked you what you were thinking.
  57. I love too hard, too strong, too soon, and too long.
  58. A healthy dose of self-love.
  59. Respect needs to be earned, expected, and reciprocated.
  60. We take for granted the way our younger siblings care for and worry about us.
  61. Sometimes, life plans things better than we ever could.
  62. 19 is my lucky number.
  63. The people who want to be in your life will make an effort to be there.
  64. Some things are horrible just because their greatness was far too short-lived.
  65. I may not have any children, but I’m still such a mom.
  66. New summer jam:
  67. Distance doesn’t matter if you’re willing to bridge the gap.
  68. You’ve never thought about what it would be like to live in a U.S. territory.
  69. I totally could have gone to college in Guam or the Virgin Islands.  Why did I not think of this two years ago?
  70. Maybe the only reason saying good-bye last summer wasn’t so hard was because I was too excited to get out of my hometown.  Because this summer, despite missing my roommates and my freedom, it’s been way harder to say good-bye.
  71. Youth is a prize.  Treasure it.
  72. Every sixty seconds in Africa, a minute passes (
  73. “Not everyone who wanders is lost.” -Anonymous
  74. How to appreciate the unique and challenging position my parents are in.  Last summer I was so caught up in all of the changes that were happening to me that I forgot that they were going through them too.
  75. Sometimes, growing up sucks.
  76. Being young and free is a beautiful thing.



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