Fast Food and Technology Ruined America

Okay, yeah, they’re both making us fat, and we all know obesity is a problem in American, but that’s not where I’m going with this.

Where I’m going with this is the “now” mentality they both enable.  You see, “fast” food- it’s literally in the name.  We expect it to be fast.  We expect it to come now.

And with technology today, everything we could ever want to know is right at our fingertips.  Instantly.  We expect to have it now.

Have you ever gotten antsy because that fast-food place didn’t have any cheeseburgers ready and waiting for you hot under the warmer when you walked in, making you wait an extra two minutes for them to finish making more?  Or have you become frustrated when you couldn’t look up the actress whose name you’re struggling to remember because you can’t connect to the WiFi?  Literally as I wrote this article, a T-Mobile commercial about not waiting to upgrade your phone until your contract is up after 2 years came on.  See?  The “now”!

This right here, ladies and gentlemen, is the cancer of our society today.  We’ve deluded ourselves into thinking that patience is not a virtue.  That good things don’t come to those who wait.  This “now” mentality has made us all believe that we’re the only ones that matter.  That when we ask for something- or demand something- we should be given it.  Now.  We’ve built up a society in which, by eating fast food and always having access to technology, we have allowed one another to be greedy, impatient, selfish, and rude.  And we perpetuate this state of affairs by making it unacceptable to call people on their shit (hence the reason “the customer is always right” is like the kiss of death!).  If you read my recent article “Entitlement Enlightenment,” this very much relates.  I’m just taking this one step further and saying that our societal development is to blame.  We’re digging our own graves, people!

When I was in the Dominican Republic in June, I was met by a people who deal with hardships that many people here can hardly imagine.  And yet, I can, with a good deal of confidence, say that I also met a people who is significantly happier than those of us living in better conditions on the daily.  How can that be?  Because these people know how to wait, and because they know how to wait, they know how to appreciate what they have.  These people have to wait for a water truck to come in, sometimes every three days, in order to get drinking water and even water for bathing and flushing their toilets.  And because of this, they appreciate their water, which we take for granted because it always comes clean out of our faucets!  These people have to wait for the electricity, which can go out at any time, to come back on.  And because of this, they appreciate their electricity, which we take for granted because it only ever goes out when we have severe weather!  These people are happier and more appreciative of the things they have because waiting has taught them the value of them.

But on the flip side, because under previous government the people used to be given certain things, now that they aren’t being given them, they still don’t want to work for them because they’re used to being given them.  Sounds a little like the problem I was describing here in America.

If we all took a step back and looked at the big picture, exercised in both give and take instead of just taking all of the time, and did what was best for everyone instead of just ourselves, our society would run a lot smoother, everyone would be happier, and everyone would get where they’re going a little faster.

Just a thought.



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