Colors of the Wind

This year has been one of a lot of change for me.  I graduated high school last June, moved to college four hours away from home in September, and now am subsequently moved back home for the summer (only to leave again at the end of August).  A lot of adjustment.  It’s almost like the changing of the wind.

We spend a lot of time trying to prepare for change: anticipating it, looking forward to it, dreading it.  We think we’re ready when we’re not, or it affects us differently than we anticipated.  But change is a beautiful and mysterious thing.  It makes the world go round.

Change has as many colors as the wind does.  Try as you might, you can never really predict which way the wind is going to blow.  And it can change its direction at a moment’s notice.

I recently read an article about why we will never forget any of our past loves.  I now sincerely regret not favorite-ing the article to save it for moments like this.  Anyway, the main point of the article is that every past love forces us to change in some way.  By going through the process of heartbreak, of getting over separation from and maybe even betrayal by the one person we’d grown to consider the other half of ourselves, we are forced to adapt to a new life: life without him.  On a deeper level, this article is saying that change is the catalyst of life.

From my own experience, this happens to be true.  I’ve only ever been in two romantic relationships (and maybe that was more like 1.5), and neither ended particularly well.  The more recent of the two ended in not only a break-up with my ex-boyfriend, but a break-up with my whole friend group as well.  This caused drastic changes in me; I am not the woman that I was before those relationships or even during.

But how boring would life be if we never changed, never grew?  What would be the point?

(10) tumblr

I think we ought to look at change as a beautiful opportunity.  When the wind changes, it blows in a new direction.  And such is life.  Change blows us in a new direction, down a new path.  It gives us the chance to see the world differently, to test what we’re really made of, to rise to the challenge, to let our triumphs and failures teach us something new.

Just some encouragement for when change seems scary and overwhelming.  We all could do with a reminder sometimes :).



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