the good times End the bad

I’m sure you’re quite used to hearing a different, more traditional variation of that phrase, namely: the good times and the bad.  But as I talked on the phone with our very own lovely EurOK admin Jeavoi, she helped me realize that really, the good times end the bad.

As we talked about the ghosts of beaus past, she said to me, “You know, after awhile, the bad memories fade away and you’re left with just the good.”  And as I thought of all of the guys I’ve loved and lost so far in my life, I realized that she’s absolutely right.  So, here’s a post to thank all of the gentlemen for the good times that end the bad.  Fair warning: some of these might just make you go “aw!”, dear readers.

To the first boy who I really liked:

The eighth grade was our flirtationship.  Will we, won’t we?  You took me by complete surprise, and inexplicably, I fell head over heels for you.  I loved our friendly banters and how we’d walk home together, and I remember almost exactly how that week in May went.  How we sat at the park that Monday, so close under the tree, your shoulder hugging mine, your arm around me but not.  You were so frustrated when we got interrupted, and it was then that I knew you liked me.  The first boy that I liked to ever like me back.  That Tuesday was a disaster, but we made a promise that on Thursday, it would be just the two of us.  A promise that on Wednesday we were bursting to fulfill.  “I can’t wait until tomorrow,” “Me neither,” “Why?”  You first, no, you first.  I was breathless with anticipation until finally, finally, you told me how you felt, and I then confessed my feelings for you in return.  You were also the first boy to hold my hand.  All those times when you made me smile like no other, and I couldn’t stop…  Thank you for giving me that cutesy middle school relationship.  The one that when I recount it to this day, other girls sigh and say, “aw.”

To the guy I never expected:

I never would have picked you out for myself.  But that’s the beauty of you.  The way that you took me by surprise.  The way you would smile at me with that mischievous twinkle in your eye, just taking me in.  The way you would tease me.  The funny faces.  How you’d make me laugh.  Thank you for showing me that the best relationships are the ones that you don’t seek out for yourself.

To the man who captivated my attention:

I don’t remember the first thing that many people have ever said to me.  But when someone is as charming as you were and when he really knows how to flatter a girl, you really can’t help but remember.  “You have a beautiful voice.”  I didn’t get your name that night, but I didn’t need to after that stunning introduction.  You’ve had my attention ever since.  Thank you for making me feel alive and breathless- for showing me that one bad relationship can’t knock me down for good because I’m still a beautiful child of God who deserves to be loved.

Even as this is only a brief synopsis of my love history thus far, these three gentleman have really showed me what it means to let the good times end the bad.  And for that, I thank you.  Because, although:


…life is certainly better when you have some fond memories to look back on.  Learn from the bad, savor the good.

Thanks for leaving me with some good memories, guys.



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