Her Boyfriend

My roommate and her boyfriend started dating last July, so all thing considered, just before we all moved in this past August.  There were a lot of question as to whether she and I and our third roommate would get along, but add a boyfriend into the mix… yikes!  It turns out, that we all get along swimmingly, a fact we make sure to thank God for every day because it could have turned out so much differently.  And even recently, her boyfriend told me how thankful he is that all four of us get along and how much he had hoped that she would get good roommates.

A brief, but interesting, conversation between her boyfriend and myself:

Me: I tend to see the potential in people instead of who they actually are.

Him: Some day when you figure that out, you’ll make some boy very happy.

I was very taken aback by the kindness of his words.  And as I mulled them over during the few days that succeeded that interaction, I became very touched.  You see, my roommate and her boyfriend are, in my mind, the ideal couple.  They are absolutely adorable, and naturally so- certainly not the kind to go around rubbing it in people’s faces.  They just are.  They are incredibly respectful of everyone around them, do not spend their time being mutually exclusive with one another, and keep their PDA to a minimum.  And the respect between the two of them is overwhelming.  This, ladies and gentlemen, is a young couple in Christ.  And I admire them for that each and every day.

That being said, I respect her boyfriend immensely, and so having him say something as he did above was a very high compliment.  And then it dawned on me: Take care, gentlemen, what you say to ladies.  Because even if she has no romantic design on you, your words can hold great meaning and have quite an effect on her.

We need more guys like her boyfriend in the world.  Guys who are sensitive to the feelings of others.  Guys who aren’t afraid to show that they care.  Guys who treat women with respect and see that they are gifts from God to be treasured as the precious individuals that they are.

Because even if you are only platonic friends, there is nothing like having a guy recognize how special you are.  And for that, I thank you, Leo the British artist.



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