His Plan

“Everything happens for a reason.”

When I got my roommate assignment for my first semester of college, I was less than enthused about the fact that I’d gotten put in a triple.  Let’s be honest, three girls in a room together sounds like a recipe for disaster.  Even though I was not fond of the idea, I vowed to give it a shot and much to my pleasant surprise, it’s worked out quite splendidly.  So splendidly, in fact, that it must have been the hand of God that put my two roommates and I together.  It couldn’t be more perfect.  I guess God has a better idea of things than I do.

“You just have to keep on believing that God doesn’t always give you what you want, but He always gives you what you need.”

The first week of J-term I realized the blessing and the curse that having an exorbitant amount of time on your hands is.  All week I intended to go down to the community kitchen in our dorm and make my favorite Mexican 7-Layer Dip, but for all the extra time I had, I couldn’t find the ambition to do it.  It wasn’t until Saturday afternoon that I finally got myself out of the “nest” (my affectionate name for my bed over J-term where I was able to cocoon myself with various blankets and pillows for hours at a time and do pretty much anything and everything that a college student would want to do when they have nothing important to do) and went down to the kitchen to make my dip.  Lucky thing too because as I was down there, another girl came in and put a ceramic teapot in the microwave to heat up some water.  She set the microwave for 15 minutes and left to come back when it was done.  It was a good thing I looked up from my dip-making when I did because the metal handle on the teapot had caught fire in the microwave.  Thankfully, I had enough sense to turn the microwave off and wait to open the door until the lack of oxygen in the microwave suffocated the flames.  If I hadn’t been in the kitchen at the time, who knows what would have happened.

Clearly, I was meant to be in the kitchen at that time, probably for the more divine, cosmic-universe reason of putting out that fire.  But when I left my room a few minutes prior, I just felt a slight, inexplicable pull telling me that now was the time to make my dip (you know, one of those times when you feel like you have to do something right now but you have no idea why).  And that’s the thing about God’s plan.  Most of the time, you have no clue what it is until it hits you square in the face.  It often shows up just after you think something has gone horribly wrong, or at the very least, hasn’t gone the way that you expected it to, but much to your happy surprise, things end up turning out better, albeit differently, than you could’ve imagined.

“Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.”

If there’s one thing we can all learn, it’s to be flexible in our plans.  Because sometimes, our plans don’t match up with His.  And everything really does happen for a reason.  And that reason is God’s plan.  So when things go “wrong,” it’s not because God is punishing you.  No, it’s because God has a great plan in mind for you, and He’s guiding you in the right direction.

Trust in His plan.



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