The Chipped Mug

There’s nothing like knowing that you are loved.  There really, really isn’t.  And it’s 100 times better when that love comes from someone who means all the world to you.

When that someone is so undeniably innocent and pure and sincere.  And all they want to do is love you and make you happy.

My thirteen-year-old brother came to visit me at college with my parents and grandparents to see our very extravagant, fairly famous Christmas concert three weeks before the fall term ended.  The way his face lit up when he told me he’d bought me a Christmas present the day before was absolutely priceless.  You know you must be pretty special if thirteen-year-old boy spends his own money (willingly, and not only willingly, but happily) on you.

Honestly, I was expecting my own version of Plants Vs. Zombies, a game that has played an instrumental role in our sibling bonding.  And on Christmas morning, he couldn’t wait to give me my present; he made sure that he got the first turn at giving a gift.  Needless to say, I was surprised to open a red mug that said, “Sisters are a gift and a blessing the whole year through.”

His little faces shone as he watched me unwrap it.  He told me how he found it at this little popcorn shoppe that we like to stop at on the way to my college and how he didn’t have money with him at the time, but my mom paid for it and let him pay her back when they went home a few days later.  Then he asked if I liked it.

I loved it.  It was the best gift from a thirteen-year-old boy ever.

Of course, I took it to school with me, carefully packaged.  “Mind the box,” I told myself and everyone else who handled it.  Nothing was going to happen to my very special mug.  You can imagine my disappointment when I opened up the wrapping at school to find a small chip in the bottom of the mug at the back.  I almost cried (granted I was PMS-ing…).  My brother had given me that mug.  I’d been so careful!  Had I not been careful enough?  Of course I had!

But then I realized that the chip doesn’t matter.  Because my brother’s love for me, and mine for him, is certainly not chipped.  And because the mug is from him, it is perfect just the way it is- chip and all.



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