The Prayer

I work at a community theater in the summer, helping the show’s director with whatever I can, teaching younger kids music, and even performing in the show.  One of the very special traditions of this group is the prayer circle.  Very few places exist in which you are invited to pray openly and you’re respected whether you decide to participate or not.  This summer I got yet another sinus infection (which then turned into bronchitis- how fun!) right before our show opened (because when else would I get a sinus infection?  surely not when I need to like- I don’t know, breathe to sing!).

During the prayer circle on the second night, the boy playing my husband, the king, stood next to me, and holding my hand, offered up a prayer for me and my bronchitis.  As I squeezed his hand tighter in my appreciation, I thought of how that is one of the sweetest things a guy has ever done for me (in the same category with the guy who offered to tie my shoe for me when I was in my costume and not feeling well during Les Mis).

Ladies, these are the kind of guys we should allow to love us: a boy who prays for you cares about more than just your body.  A boy who prays for you knows who to turn to in times of need.  A boy who prays for you can give you everything even when he has nothing.

A boy who prays for you grows up to be a man of God.

And just the other day, the guy that I currently have a crush on, was the lector at church service, coincidentally on the same day that my women’s choir was singing, and believe me- I had no idea he was reading that day (or at all for that matter).  All things considered, I already knew that faith was important to him, and I’ve always found that attractive.  It’s even more attractive when you see it in action.

There’s just something about seeing a man love God… maybe it’s knowing that if he loves God right, he’ll love you right too.




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