There’s nothing wrong with being a basic white girl.  If you admit that that’s what you are.

One of my biggest pet peeves are the “basic white girls”- the pumpkin spice latte sipping, PINK yoga pants wearing- basic white girls who insist that they’re “different” from all the other basic white girls.  Just admit that you’re just like everyone else!  I mean, you’ve already got all of the boys chasing after you, you don’t have to piss off the girls who are truly different with your little white lie (white, get it?).

All persnickety comments aside, I don’t mean to make this a race issue other than the fact that there simply is a category today in teenage society that is the “basic white girl.”  Yes, it is a stereotype.  They do drink pumpkin spice lattes from their precious Starbucks and love having the word PINK splayed across their asses.  It just is.

But perhaps what bothers me more than basic white girls who insist that they are not, are guys who say they are “looking for a girl who is different” and then snag the first basic white girl they see.  Sometimes it seems like a guy wouldn’t know a “different” girl if she fell from the sky and landed on his head!  Don’t kid yourself by dating a basic white girl and claiming she’s different because you don’t actually want to admit that you’re dating someone who’s just like everyone else.  That’s just disrespectful to everybody involved.

What makes a girl different, you say?  Well, she doesn’t fit the basic white girl description.  Urban Dictionary, a reliable source, says that a basic white girl is:

“A female who conforms to her surroundings and claims she is unique. She often drinks Starbucks, wears Ugg boots in August, and posts selfies on social networking sites every. single. day. Also uses hashtags that don’t have anything to do with the picture itself.”


(I hope to God you sensed the sarcasm in the “reliable source” thing…)  But that definition is pretty dang accurate.  So obviously, a different girl doesn’t do those things.  Or even if she does drink Starbucks, it’s not every day, and she doesn’t feel the need to Instagram a picture every time she does.

Now, really, there’s nothing wrong with being a basic white girl.  There’s nothing wrong with liking basic white girls either.  But you need to admit that that’s what you are or do.  It’s just annoying and even a little disrespectful to those of us who aren’t basic white girls to constantly hear “I’m different!” or “I like different girls!” when it is clearly false.

Or here’s a novel thought: maybe if the basic white girls capitalized on the things that actually made them different instead of constantly conforming to the teenage fads of the day, they wouldn’t be so basic!  As Jeavoi beautifully pointed out in her article “Originality,” most girls who aren’t basic white girls DO like some of the things that basic white girls love, but they don’t let those things define them.  They let the things that make them different define them instead of losing what makes them special to a clique.

So, if you want to be basic, that’s fine.  Whether you’re basic or not is a choice.  But at least admit that that’s what you are, and stop parading around wearing a fake label.


Girls who really are “different”



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