Basket of Puppies

I’ve already more than alluded to the fact that I’ve really found my niche at college- I’ve found my people.  For once in my life, I’m with a group of people that I feel so much like I belong to, so much like we are one, that I can’t even imagine being without one another.  But don’t think for a minute that we’re the Cheetah Girls or something, because my people are both guys and girls together.  But right now I want to take the time to appreciate my guy friends.

One weekend, two of my guy friends, my roommate, and I spent the whole weekend together.  During the day, we went out and explored the town, doing various fun things together, and each night, we popped in a movie.  My roommate and I pulled our mattresses off of our lofted beds to create one super-bed for the four of us to lay on while we watched the movies.  And then it turned into one giant sleepover on that massive bed- what my family calls a “basket of puppies.”

And that was really big for me.  Before I never would have even considered having a “sleepover” like that with guys- let alone in the same “bed.”  But with these guys it’s so different.  These guys make me feel safe.  I know that they would never hurt me or do anything inappropriate.  And even if there had been any doubt before, there certainly isn’t after we all spent those two nights together.

These are the kind of guys who are always looking out for us girls and always taking care of us.  When I had to walk down a steep hill with a sprained ankle, they let me hold onto their arms and made sure I didn’t fall.  When I was afraid to climb a steep hill for fear of slipping down it, they offered to carry me piggy-back style.  And when one of them got a little bit tipsy but we all wanted to drive to Wal-Mart- he made sure that he wasn’t the one who got behind the wheel.

Now, some of these things aren’t that big of a deal.  Some of them are.  But either way, they tell me a lot about who these guys are.  And I know they’re guys that I can trust.  And that is so, so, so incredibly important.

Thanks for being there for me, guys.



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