“She was very showy, but she was not genuine: she had a fine person, many brilliant attainments, but her mind was poor, her heart barren by nature: nothing bloomed spontaneously on that soil; no unforced natural fruit delighted by its freshness. She was not good; she was not original.” -Jane Eyre

Everyone who knows me knows one of the things I value most is originality. I don’t want to be like everyone else. I understand there are whole mini cultures based off not being like everyone else, but they all try to be “not like everyone else” in the same way. There are approved ways to be different. For instance, in one mini-culture, experimenting with heavy make up, watching horror movies, wearing a lot of dark colors, and dyeing your hair is seen as a good way to be different, except then you are the same as the people in that set of different people.

Then there are the people who don’t even try to hide their similarity. For example, the basic girls. They don’t hesitate to call themselves basic, either… at least most of them don’t. In high school, I see a lot of these girls. They’re the ones who religiously wear leggings, Uggs, Victoria’s Secret, Pink, the North Face, etc., drink Starbucks as much as they can, watch romantic films like ‘The Notebook’ and ‘Safe Haven’ and ‘Love, Actually’. They post pictures of beautiful backgrounds with inspirational quotes, go to the tanning beds or use other forms of fake tanning, and they probably really like infinity signs.

Having one or more of these qualities doesn’t make you basic. I wear Uggs and and love inspirational quotes. Vivaz wears leggings and drinks Starbucks. Enjouee likes romantic movies. It’s when you get all the other stuff together that it becomes basic. These aren’t common interests, they’re a common personality.

I don’t understand not wanting to be original. Of course, don’t change who you are if you like these things. But some people mistake reaching your full potential with changing who you are. Don’t stop developing yourself. Your interests should extend beyond the common things. I don’t pretend my interests are solely my own but the mix of them together in me, and the way I express them, are unique to me. It’s something anyone can be- unique, I mean. If they want  to be. Think about this; you can only be irreplaceable as long as you’re unrepeatable. Please, don’t be unoriginal. Don’t just say “I’m not like other girls.” Actually be “not like other girls.”



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