To One of the Best People I’ve Ever Met

Every now and then someone comes into our lives who we know will always be a good memory. My sophomore year I met a person like this. It was one of those times where you walk into a class on the first day and know immediately, “I want to be friends with that person.” And soon enough, he and I were. We’ve never been super close but that’s okay. He’s important to me in a completely different way than a best friend.

He and I have English in the same hall this year, and every day he walks me to my next class. I look forward to seeing him. He’s one of my favorite people I’ve met in high school. He’s the only guy friend I’ve ever had who has never made me jealous, angry, nervous, or any bad thing. He’s never been anything but nice to me. He’s never made me feel like he didn’t want to talk to me, and he always seems happy to see me. He always puts me first. When I was crying one day, his concern for me was so touching I was instantly in a good mood. I am so grateful to him for being such an amazing friend. And because we never run into each other outside of school, and we run in completely different friend groups, he has no obligation to be that nice to me. He just is. Which is the best kind of nice.

I know when I look back on high school, he’ll be a fond memory, and when I remember him, it will only ever be a good feeling.





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