Believing in Santa

“He doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor. He loves you just the same. Santa Claus knows we’re all Gods children; that makes everything right.” -Here Comes Santa Claus

Believing in God is like believing in Santa.

We have the free will to do whatever we want- we can be naughty or nice- and sometimes, regardless of what we choose, we don’t get what’s coming to us- or we do.  Sometimes naughty children get the presents they don’t deserve while the nicest of children go without.

At some point, most children don’t receive that one present they really wanted that Christmas- the ‘make it or break it’ present, and they have to decide whether or not they will let it cripple their faith in Santa.  And at some point, we don’t get something we want or a loved one dies despite our storming the heavens with prayers.  Sometimes our faith is strong enough to get us through, and sometimes, our hearts turn to stone and we curse God instead.

Whether we stop believing in God or we stop believing in Santa, the anger that we feel toward him for not giving us what we want- or what we think we want- doesn’t make him any less real or any less alive.

Sure, Santa as a physical person doesn’t exist.  He only exists in the spirit of Christmas, in the generous love of older generations who would give anything to see the way the young ones’ faces light up on Christmas morning.  But we most often feel God’s presence in the same way: through the love and kindness in the people we meet who show us the face of God.  And although some of you may argue that since we eventually find out that Santa isn’t real, God must not be real either, I’d care to refute that Santa lives on in the way that we pass his tradition down from generation to generation.  And well, God does have the Bible.

But believers know that he lives on anyway.  In Heaven.  The Alpha and the Omega.

One final reflection: Santa only exists because of Christmas which only exists because of Jesus.  Without Christmas, Santa has no function.  I daresay that believing in Santa is very much like believing in God.  they might even be practically the same thing.



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