The Top 7 Things You Should Never Say to a Girl with Short Hair

I have a pixie. A short one. I’ve had my hair like this for about four years now and I have no intention of changing it. I love it and it works well with  my face. Long hair just doesn’t look good on me.

When I first cut it, questions didn’t really bother me. I was young and I didn’t think about them. But as I got older, some of the things people would say really began to rub me the wrong way and, having talked with other be-pixied girls, I wasn’t the only one getting irritated. Here is a list of the top 7 things you should never say to a girl with a pixie (or any short hair cut for that matter… short bob to bald).

1.) Have you ever had long hair? – OK, this one is pretty benign and if you know the girl well enough, go for it. This one is on the list mostly because this is something girls with short hair hear ALL. THE. TIME. And after a while it just becomes a wee bit annoying. But again, this is the least problematic.

2.) I wonder what you’d look like with long hair… – I wonder what you’d look like if you lost ten pounds… rude, right? I think I’ve made my point.

3.) I want to see you with long hair! – This is one I get from guys. All the time. Boys, this is rude. What this says to girls with short hair is that we’re not good enough with our short hair. If we were good enough, you wouldn’t be wondering what we’d look like different. Please stop saying this one. It’s offensive.

4.) Why did you decide to cut your hair? – This one is just plain silly. There are a few common reasons a girl cuts her hair: a.) a break-up, in which case, she probably doesn’t want to talk about it. b.) some other unfortunate event (be it cancer or a traumatic life-experience). Again, she probably won’t want to talk about it. Or c.) she wanted to. It’s really that simple. So don’t ask. We don’t ask guys with long hair why they decided to grow their hair out, don’t ask us why we decided to chop ours off.

5.) What do guys think of your short hair? – It really doesn’t matter. If a guy isn’t open-minded enough to realize a girl’s beauty isn’t measured by the length of her hair, then he is putting way too much emphasis on physical appearance and really isn’t worth having around anyway.

6.) Have you ever thought about growing your hair out? – Yes, but I also thought about jumping in front of a bus when you asked me that… doesn’t mean I’m going to do it.

And finally, the very very worst:

7.) Are you a lesbian? – I have no issue with lesbians. And frankly, I couldn’t care less if you think I’m a lesbian (if you’re a guy I like and we get close, you’ll find out soon enough I’m not 😉 ) but the fact that you think the only reason a girl would want to cut her hair is her sexual orientation makes you are a very narrow minded human being. Besides, when did it become OK to ask a person about their orientation anyway? Not appropriate. Or polite.

There is your list of things not to say to a girl with short hair. So what can you say to a girl with short hair?…

1.) “Hey, what did we do in class yesterday? I wasn’t there…”

2.) “Are you going to finish that cookie?”

3.) “Where’d you get your purse?”

4.) … no but really, here are some (hair-related!) things you can say to a girl with short hair:

1.) Anything you say to a girl with long hair.

Because here’s the deal; hair is beautiful, cool, cute, funky, daring, crazy… it’s a canvas girls use to express themselves. And whether it’s long or short, a girl’s hair says something about her and it’s not OK to make her feel uncomfortable because of what she is choosing to use her hair to express. So if you want to start a conversation with a girl about her short hair, go for the simple, “Hey, I like your hair; it’s really cool.” And, trust me, if she wants to give you the backstory on her hair, that intro will do the trick.

– Vivaz


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