Second impressions

Usually my first impressions are not too off base. I can usually look at people, or situations, and decide pretty accurately if I’m going to like them or not. But a few of my first impressions were wrong this year. For instance, my last class of the day is one of my favorites now, but it wasn’t always. I didn’t know anyone in that class, and at first, the kids didn’t seem very welcoming. I decided right away on the first day that I was going to hate that class. It seemed super hard, and I didn’t want to deal with people who weren’t going to be nice to me. I thought that for the first few weeks actually, until the first test. When I got one of the highest scores in the class.

I was elated, and then, I was stunned by the congratulations that came my way. The kids weren’t asking for help, or using me because they found out I was good in the class. They just wanted to tell me I did a good job. And things just started moving from there. Before long, it was one of the classes I looked forward to most. I did a presentation the other day, and my new friends in the class were calling encouragement up to me before and after. During a test I borrowed a pen from my friend and he passed me a green one, because he remembered I said it was my favorite color. They tease me about my homework and we swap answers. It was a sharp reminder to me to always keep an open mind. And although first impressions are telling, second impressions are lasting.




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