I Didn’t Do My Homework Last Night

I didn’t do my homework last night. Instead, I went to my violin lesson. I played the entire way through a difficult piece I’ve been working on for a long time. My teacher told me she could see I’d been working hard. I had practiced a lot that week.

After my lesson, my family had a guest over for dinner. Rather than go up to my room and do my homework, I stayed downstairs and talked with the guest. We met her about a year and a half ago, before she left on a Christian missionary trip to a dangerous country. She had a lot of fascinating stories to tell about her time there, and her plans for future missions. She’s recently engaged, and preparing for her wedding. I was inspired, listening to her talk about her plans for the future.

After dinner, I went up to my room to get started on my homework, but my seven year old sister poked her head into my room. “Will you tuck me in?” she asked. So I got up and went to her room to tuck her in to bed. She had lost a homework assignment for school and was freaking out a little bit, so to get her mind off the problem, I started a conversation with her. I’m not sure how we got on the topic of her future, but she told me she plans to get married, and she wants a big family. She started telling me the names of her future kids, and I grabbed a notebook to write them down to give her when she’s older. After about 11 names I stopped her and asked, “Are you sure you want this many kids?” and she looked at me innocently and said, “Of course. I said I wanted a big family.” She wants 23 kids. Some of the names she picked are funny, named after characters in her favorite books or movies. Others are real names, like Dominic, Bernadette, Isaac, Lilac, and Rose. She talked to me about God, and about school, and what she likes and doesn’t like about life. I was surprised by how deep our conversation was. I stayed up pretty late talking to my younger sister, and when she started to fall asleep, I tucked the covers up to her chin and kissed her good night.

I didn’t do my homework last night. But I did tackle a hard song, have dinner with an inspiring young woman, and most important of all, I spent some time with my younger sister. I realized every day of my life is a day of her life, too. Things are happening to me at the same time things are happening to her. It’s important for me to check in with her. It’s important to spend some time with her. So yeah, I didn’t do my homework last night. But what I did was more important.



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