Shake It Off

I admittedly am not much of a Taylor Swift fan.  Her songs all pretty much seem to be rewritten versions of each other, and I’m kind of over the whole boy-crazy thing.  But her new hit “Shake It Off” definitely has something real to offer.

I am very proud of T-Swift for putting herself out there with something different.  Not only something different, but something that has a real message and isn’t a simple story song of boy-meets-girl.  While it is kind of an “FU” to all the people that have been hating on her for the various reasons outlined by her catchy tune and “sick beat,” she does have a legitimate point: the haters are gonna hate (hate, hate, hate), and you’ve just gotta shake (shake, shake, shake, shake) it off.

We all spend waaaaaaaaaaaay too much time worrying about what other people think of us.  I’m just as guilty as the next person.  But really, all it gives you is a headache!  Most people don’t actually care that much about what you wear or the fact that you use “LOL” like it’s an actual saying in conversation.  And if they do, well then too bad!  As long as you’re not hurting yourself or anyone else, there’s no reason to change yourself because someone just smelled a fart.  You do you!

Now I know this is way easier said than done (like I said, been there, done that!).  But I’m actually pretty confident that with T-Swift’s jam on our side, it’ll actually be easier.  Call me crazy, but I think Disney’s smash-hit “Let It Go” has actually made it easier for people, such as myself, to actually let things go.  Because they have a catchy, show-stopping belt number a) to remind them to do so and b) to sing all their frustrations out on.  I’m pretty sure that “Shake If Off” is the same way.  You know, someone makes a not-so-nice comment about your Christmas sweater, your best friend says, “They don’t know what they’re talking about.  That sweater looks great on you.  Just shake it off,” and next thing you know, you’re jamming all the way across campus.

Because, really, the haters are going to hate.  And you can’t do anything about that.  You can’t control them; you can only control you.  So why add to that hate when you can just shake it off?  Who wants to drive himself insane worrying about other people’s opinions that don’t even matter and you might never even know?  Seriously:

Besides, aren’t we all a little bit conceited in thinking that people actually care that much about what we’re doing all the time?

Just a thought.



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