He’s Not Afraid

I walked into the advising session at college registration, looked around, and sure enough, I didn’t know anyone (what did I expect?).  I mustered up all of my courage (because contrary to popular belief, I’m not 100% confident so as to walk up to perfect strangers and introduce myself with ease) to ask to sit next to a boy who was sitting alone and seemed like he was probably nice .  And with a handshake and a smile, it began.

Three months later, I’ve come to know this boy better, and let me tell you: this boy- he is not afraid.

You’ve all heard about the famed “24601” in my life who, in many ways, was afraid of his own shadow.  He lacked the courage and confidence inside himself to assert his love of music, no matter what the world says or thinks.  But this boy, this boy isn’t afraid to share his love of music.  The provincial stereotypes that some people hold, calling any guy who likes to hold a tune “gay” (THIS IS NOT ME CONDEMNING GAY PEOPLE.  OR GAY PEOPLE WHO LOVE MUSIC FOR THAT MATTER) don’t hold him back.  He is confident enough in who he is to sing and play football.  Because he likes them both, and really, there’s no reason why he can’t love and do both.

He is not afraid to laugh- even if it’s at himself.  He’s able to be silly!  Instead of worrying about what other people think (I sense a theme here…), he lets it all go.  And there’s always a smile on his face- it’s infectious!  You can’t help but smile around him; he just makes you feel happy.

He’s not afraid to ask for help.  He’s not up on a high horse.  He’s humble.  He recognizes that, sometimes, he can’t do it on his own, and he needs to ask someone for a little assistance.  It doesn’t make him any less of a man.  Actually, it makes him more of a man.

It’s really refreshing to know a guy who isn’t afraid.  A guy who takes life by its horns instead of shying away from his shadow.  I haven’t known him for very long, but he’s taught me quite a bit (enough to earn himself his very own blog article ;)).

And because he isn’t afraid, he’s free.  I think we all wish we were like that.  I know I do.  I mean, what do we really have to lose, after all?

#74: You’re wonderful.  Never change.




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