The Best Days

There are some days that are just too good to be true. They’re not the regular good days. They’re not the days where you have a smile stuck on your face. They’re not the days where nothing can get you down. They’re not the days when everything seems to be going right. Those are good days too, but the best days are more than all of those put together. The best days are the ones where you almost don’t believe they’re happening. They take you by surprise. Suddenly you lose your breath. Your heart starts pounding. You realize you’re more than happy. You’re euphoric. You want to live this day forever. Everything is perfect. It glows. You glow. You fall asleep that night still full of wonder and excitement. We live for those days. Those days are what we can look forward to in heaven. Can you imagine what it would be like to have one of those days, every day? They’re rare right now. Even if you have a great life, the truly best days are rare. But they do come. I hope you get your fair share of them.



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