You Can’t Always Get What You Want

I waited on bated breath for the email that would tell me who I would be living with for the next year.  Roommates!  I had never had a roommate before (not more than the few days at a music camp), and I don’t even have any sisters!  This was certainly going to be a major change for me.

I remember filling out the extensive survey about what kind of a person I am, what kind of a person I’d like to live with, and the kind of person I wouldn’t so much want to live with.  My mom had some suggestions for me of what she felt would be the best for me.  I could have anywhere from one to three roommates, and because of my past relational aggression issues, we decided between ourselves that it be best that I request to not be in a triple.

And so July came.  I should be getting an email any day now!  “You’ll receive an email by the end of the week with your dorm and roommate information in it.”  I held my breath.  These would be the girls I would have to co-habituate with for the next year.

And when I opened that email, it said that I’d have two roommates.  I was numb.  I had requested to not have a triple.  The idea of a triple made me nervous.  What if the other two get along great and I am left alone?  I suddenly was not looking forward to going away to school in a month.  I was afraid that the roommate situation would ruin all the good things that college should bring.

Yet even as I got a few minutes removed from first reading that email, I realized how unfair I was being to my future roommates.  I hadn’t even met them, and I was already not giving them a chance.  For all I knew, everything could turn out fine.  I could not have the slightest problem being in a triple.  I was just assuming (unfairly!) that it would be a bad situation just because of past experience.  And so my mind was at ease, and in the weeks that came, I began to have contact with these two girls, and already, it didn’t seem so bad.

Now we’re into two months in, and the three of us are the best of friends.  I’ve spent some time trying to think of which of the girls I’d rather be in a double with if I had to pick one, and I simply cannot.  I am equally close with both of them.  When something great happens, I want to tell them both.  In so many ways, we’re inseparable.

And so, I didn’t get what I wanted.  Sometimes, we don’t get what we want.  But we get what we need.

My roommate situation turned out so much better than I ever could have imagined, and I thank God for both of my roommates.  I love them so much and don’t know what I would do without them.  Thanks God for not giving me what I want.  Thanks for giving me what I need.



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