Short Hair, Don’t Care

I’m one of those lucky girls who can do pretty much anything with her hair and still have it look good.  Ever since I cut my hair this past February in order to play Fantine, I’ve been struggling to find a style that I like because the scraggly layers from the Fantine cut grew out weird.  I finally decided that I wanted to get a short bob, and did so a few short weeks before going to college.  Here is the picture I showed my hairstylist for what I wanted:

I love the new hairstyle.  I don’t really like keeping my hair one way for too long; I like changing it up (hence trying a lot of things and finding out they all work), but the pattern I’ve more or less settled on is letting my hair grow out over the course of the school year and cutting it short again for the summer.  But after I cut my hair, I started to think about the stereotypes placed on women who have short hair.

Sure enough, four days later I came across this article:  Although the language is a bit strong, it is a brilliant piece of satire.  And take a look at the first thing at the top of that list.  I quote: “Have long hair. Everyone knows men with short hair are naturally rebellious and over-opinionated. We don’t want that, we want men who are easily controlled.”

May I first point out that all three of your lovely EurOK bloggers have short hair.  As in, above the chin.  Yes sir, Jeavoi, Vivaz, and I all have short hair.  Surprised?  Maybe, maybe not.

I first would care to respond to the claim that “Everyone knows women with short hair are naturally rebellious and over-opinionated.  Men want women who are easily controlled” (in case you didn’t read that whole article, it was gender-swapped to point out the ridiculous things that plenty of men say they look for in their ideal woman).  Do people really think that a woman is rebellious and over-opinionated because she has short hair? It’s not like short hair makes you rebellious or over-opinionated.  Not every short-haired girl is like that just like there are plenty of girls with long locks that do possess those qualities.  Blanket statements are not fair, boys.  And if it’s the reverse, if people think that girls have short hair because they are rebellious and over-opinionated, then what does it matter?  It’s a personal preference and personality statement, just like long hair is.  Just because fewer girls have short hair doesn’t mean that some don’t prefer it.

I would next like to dispute the claim that women with short hair are either lesbian or are not currently looking for a man.  I know plenty of women who are neither of those things.  Plenty of women who are straight and who would readily be in a relationship if the right guy came along.  Who even started this idea anyway that short hair sends the signal that a girl doesn’t want to be approached by guys?  Maybe I just like my hair short!  Maybe it’s comfortable, and I like the way it looks!  Did you ever think that it’s just that simple and it’s not some cryptic onion necklace to ward off the demons we call boys?

And I will tackle the next two claims simultaneously: girls don’t look as attractive with short hair, and guys don’t like girls with short hair.  Seriously?!  People actually make ridiculous generalizations like this?  Apparently so.  A girl’s haircut, like I said before, is a personal choice.  It depends entirely on the girl.  Some girls can rock a pixie.  Some girls’ faces can’t handle hair past the chin.  Everyone has a style that works best for them, and GASP! sometimes that style is short!  As for all guys liking girls with long locks, not every guy likes the same kind of girl!  Therefore, each guy has his own opinion about short hair or not.  Personally, I prefer guys who realize that it’s up to the girl… if the girl can rock it, what does it matter the style?

What matters most is that a girl loves her cut.  That is makes her feel good.  That it makes her feel beautiful in her own skin.  Whether she can use it climb down from a tower or it rivals the boys.

I have short hair.  And no, I don’t care… if not caring means that I’m taking control of my life and cutting my hair because its what I want.  Now that’s a strong, powerful symbol that I’m okay with having tied to having short hair.

“Be who you want and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” -Dr. Seuss



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