Those special people

Have you ever thought about how much happens when you meet someone? Maybe you smile, shake their hand. Maybe you strike up a conversation without introducing yourself and walk away, thinking, ‘Darn, I should have gotten their name.’ Sometimes your heart starts beating ‘Marry Me’ the first second you see someone. Maybe you’re nervous to meet someone, or excited, or maybe you’re even dreading it. Maybe, sometimes, you know the second you meet someone you’ll never forget them.

That happens every now and then. It’s not necessarily a heart-thumping, breath robbing, magical, romantic, cliche moment. It doesn’t even necessarily have to be romantic at all… it could even be between friends. Do you have that friend you hit it off with right away? Where you decided the minute you met them that you were going to be best friends? These are truly special people.

Take a moment to appreciate all the special people you’ve met in your life. Smile about them. Pray for them. Let them know you care.



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