The Missing Piece

When we started this blog over a year ago, I don’t think any of us intended for it to be a “Jesus-y” blog.  I, at least, know that that wasn’t my intention.  However, as I’ve been writing these many articles recently, I’ve realized that it is impossible for me to not bring religion or spirituality into it.  My faith is so much a part of who I am (just as it is for both Vivaz and Jeavoi), and this blog is an extension that self.  I can’t talk about the things that I want to without talking about God.

However, I don’t want to turn this into a place of lecture on religious doctrine.  Although I have been very clear that I am a Catholic and am very open about my opinions on topics in accordance with my faith, I do not want this blog to turn away people of other faiths or other denominations of Christianity.  Most importantly, we are all part of a human family, and we must learn to coexist despite our differences.  Therefore, I strive to do my best to come more from a place of spirituality, appreciation for God, and acceptance of others’ faiths than a sermon on my beliefs as if they’re everyone’s.

I think one of this blog’s strengths is its ability to discuss a lot of the things that we all probably think about, but rarely voice our opinions on.  Recently I’ve been writing a lot about gender roles and equality, and even though its ever present around us, we don’t often take the time to have conversations about it.  This blog allows me to share my thoughts about topics such as this with others and hopefully inspire them or at least give them something to think about.

This blog will never be a religious blog spewing Bible verses at you to tell you that Catholicism is the only way, but Jesus is a big part of my life.  And since this blog, in a way, is more or less a diary of my more profound thoughts, Jesus is a big part of this blog.

Thank you for respecting my faith.  Thank you for supporting my spirituality.



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