“Hands Touch, Eyes Meet…

…sudden silence, sudden heat.  Hearts leap in a giddy whirl…” -Elphaba, “I’m Not That Girl,” Wicked

We’ve all had that moment, right girls?  Where we’re in a completely new situation where we don’t know anybody.  And somehow, some way, you and this super cute guy find each other in a sea of people.  Your eyes meet- that’s a definite.  If you’re one of the lucky ones, you’re hands touch.  And you smile at each other like there’s some kind of magic.  You’re high off of the feeling that this could be something.  And then a tidal wave of people come and sweep you away, and you’re stuck wondering if you’ll see each other again.

My first night at school, we had a live band play in one of the parking lots, and we all just did line/square-dancing together.  It was an absolute blast!  At the top of the dance, someone started a chain and just started coiling into the middle of the lot.  After I finally got up the nerve to charge after it and join, I found myself stopped short by some guys cutting in, and just as I was about to close the gap, another boy joined.  We took hands, he gave me a smile, and we were off.

We were all running and laughing.  He was holding my hand so tight.  When he lost it, he grabbed hold again and made sure not to lose me.  And then it was over.  We didn’t speak to each other at all that night.  We keep seeing each other everywhere (he lives in my residence hall), even making eye contact down the row in the auditorium at an orientation event.

But nothing.  Isn’t it crazy how one moment, two human hearts can practically be eloping, and the next, it’s as if no one ever felt a thing?

I guess that’s how we know that we’re still alive.  That we’re still feeling.  We flex those muscles of the heart when someone like that comes along.  You just feel it.  It’s like a warm-up, or a wake up call saying, “Hey, you!  Pay attention!  There’s somebody out there just waiting for you.”  It’s a jolt to your system reminding you that the heart needs to feel, even if it’s just a tiny little twinge here and there until the one makes his way into your life.

So don’t take those moments for granted.  They mean something even if only for a fleeting moment.  Thank you to Mystery Boy for making me feel something.  Thank you for a smile and a dance.  Maybe, one day we’ll know each others’ names.




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