“I’m a Damsel, I’m in Distress…

…I can handle it.  Have a nice day.” -Meg, Hercules

Possibly one of my favorite Disney quotes of all time.  Meg is, in my opinion, one of the best Disney heroines out there (you’ve already heard about Elsa from Frozen) because she is not afraid to be independent.  She refuses to dummy herself down into helplessness for a man.

I’m the type of girl that gets called “Butch.”  I drink milk out of the jug.  God forbid, I burp!  Even though I know how to act like a lady, and do, when the situation warrants such behavior, I see no need to feed the stereotype that girls must be needy and clingy.

My ex didn’t find me to be needy and clingy enough.  I didn’t want to hang out every single day after school, and Heaven forbid, I actually encouraged him to spend time with his guy friends!  He literally begged me to let him come over and hang out with me and our mutual girl friend during our sleepover.

But my ex was a boy.  Boys like needy, clingy girls who can’t do things for themselves.  Men like women who are strong and independent, who have passion and drive.  Women like Meg.

I read this article once about what men (not boys!) supposedly look for in their leading ladies.  It was a fascinating article, and two things really stuck with me (I wish I still had the link…).  First, the article said that men like women who are confident.  They’re confident with who they are, and they can be themselves.  Second, it said that men like listening to women talk about something they’re passionate about- something that puts a gleam in their eyes.  I’m not a man, and Lord knows I’ll never understand how the male species’s brain works, but if I were a man, I would definitely prefer a woman with these qualities over a needy, clingy one!

And it seems that real men understand how important it is for a woman to be confident enough in herself to not be wholly dependent on having a man to hold her up.  Women need to be happy with themselves before they can be the best versions of their partner-selves that they can be.

This is why I like Meg.  She embodies all that an independent woman is.  Strong and capable.  Assertive.  And yet, Hercules likes her for being all of those things!

Ladies, let’s do ourselves a favor.  Let’s stop waiting for a knight to ride in on a white horse and sweep us off our feet.  Let’s be the strong independent kind of women that Hercules will fall for.



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