Find Your Tribe

I said good-bye to all of my school friends, my three best friends, my aunts, my uncles, my cousins, and my grandparents, all without shedding a tear.  All without it even hitting me that I was going to be four hours away from it all.  It still hadn’t sunk in.  It wasn’t until the day before I’d drive out of state when I had my final voice lesson with my teacher that I started to tear up.

And today when I had my last lesson after five years, we looked at each other, tears welling up in both of our eyes.  And he told me how proud he is of me and how blessed he feels to have had the chance to be my teacher.  He told me what a wonderful woman I am.  He wants me to keep in touch and considers me close enough to be one of the few students he invites to friend him on Facebook.  He told me what great feelings he has about my upcoming college experience, how good it will be for me, and how he thinks I’m really going to find my tribe.

Find my tribe.

I’ve spent several years waiting to get out of high school and get away from a small town where everyone knows me.  To reinvent myself… to find myself.  Now, just knowing that I’m not going back to that high school building has done wonders (my voice sure has benefited from it).  And I can’t help but think that my voice teacher is right.  That I’m going to find my tribe.  Find the right people that I’m meant to be with.  People that share my fire and passion and zest for both music and life.  And that’s one of the most exciting things about college.  There’s plenty more fish in the sea.

Even though this is the last blog post I will write at home before I move into college, it still hasn’t quite sunk in yet.  I guess it won’t until I’m packing the car tomorrow.  All I know is that I’m extremely grateful to my voice teacher.  He has been a major influence on the person that I am today.  Not only the person that I am today, but a person that I’m much happier to be.  And he’s one of the people I have to thank.

The next time you hear from me, I’ll be an official college girl.  Who can believe that?



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