Because He Needs Love

As I sat in church a few weeks ago, my mind wandered (sorry, Jesus!) to a graduation party I’d been to the night before.  You’ve heard about him several times already, and all things considered, things haven’t really changed.  But as I sat there, I offered up the question, “God, why do I love him?”

No, I’m not talking about puppy-dog, high school “love.”  I’m talking about the kind where you care about a person enough to put his happiness before your own (What?!  I know!  What a foreign concept!).  That’s real love.  Kisses and romantic dates are great, but they are nothing without the real stuff.

And as I sat there in my pew, I was surprised at God’s swift reply: “Because he needs love.”

I’m sure everyone has fallen for someone who will never love them back and probably berated themselves for being so inexplicably star-crossed and helpless.  “Why can’t I get over him?  He’ll never love me anyway!”  Maybe God just gave me (I mean, us) the answer: because he needs love.

It’s a cliche we’ve heard a million times: everybody needs to be loved.  Something so obvious, yet we’re always taking it for granted.  We forget that the waitress who accidentally brought us a regular instead of a diet Coke needs love.  We forget that the teacher who is new and hasn’t grown into her classroom yet needs love.  We forget that people need love.

Maybe it’s the same with him too.  Your love is just what he needs- not in the romantic sense, but in the emotional, psychological, and spiritual senses.  Not all love is about finding your soul mate.  Sometimes you need someone to nourish your soul with love so that it’s healthy when its soul mate comes along.

Real love is about the other person.  And in the grand scheme of love, you get back what you give.  But maybe not where you expect it.  Love comes in all shapes and sizes, but when it’s there, you’ll know it.

Love fiercely and freely,



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