Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better

I’m sure you’ve seen #YesAllWomen and #NotAllMen storming the social media in our most recent past as an equality campaign that, at least to me, feels like a bid to one-up the opposite sex.  It feels like women are constantly working overtime to assert, or rather, prove, that they are just as good as men while men deny the issue and deflect talking about it, and all the while, each sex is trying to prove that they’re “better” than the other or that they have it “harder” than the other (which, believe it or not, unintentionally come out in the well-intended #YesAllWomen and #NotAllMen).  And the worst of it is, we keep trying to prove this by degrading each other for our differences!  Since man and woman are a partnership, what does it matter?  Whey does this have to be so complicated?

No one seems to stop and consider the fact that it takes two.  Not only does it take two to start this power struggle in the first place, but without man, none of us would be here.  Without woman, none of us would be here.  Which makes it even more baffling to me why men would treat women so poorly because last time I checked, we were all born from one!  Our DNA comes half from a woman and half from a man- 50/50- equal parts right down the middle.  Nature has this one figured out, guys.

I digress briefly from the topic at hand for an anecdote.  One of the boys in my English class was complaining about the pain of getting hit in his male nether regions, and naturally, the girls all rolled their eyes and argued that childbirth would inevitably be more painful.  An argument that I had seen many a time ensued, but this time, the boys asserted that because women choose to have children, it is less painful, and they at least get something out of all the pain.  You can imagine how the girls in the room felt about that.

I vehemently stood by the girls, but thinking about it in retrospect, I feel a little ashamed.  I was just feeding this ridiculous competition between the sexes over who is better- or who has it harder.  Why can’t we accept that there are things that are different about men and women, but that it doesn’t make one sex better than the other- it makes us complete each other?

I absolutely believe that we should have equal civil rights like voting and receiving the same pay.  But let’s all stop kidding ourselves; I can’t push as many shopping carts at one time as my male counterparts can!  And how many males (males!) do you know that have given birth?  It takes two.  Without men or without women, the whole world stops.  Besides, we all look like horrible, stinking, awful buffoons when we degrade each other to try to get ahead.  None of us want that.

#YesAllWomen and #NotAllMen are cries for help.  But the only way they’re going to be heard is if we all stop screaming, and listen.


But if a man ever tries to tell me “Periods don’t seem that bad,” you’ll get a swift response of “No uterus, no opinion,” my friend.  (Who knows where that’s from?!)  I’m sure you males will think up your own male counterpart to that.  To each his own.


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