…and then I decided to drive.

Teenagers do stupid things.

We all know it.

And nobody wants to read a post shaming “those stupid teenagers for doing those stupid things.”

So I won’t shame those stupid teenagers for doing those stupid things.

I just want to have a nice candid conversation about it (Pardon me while I morph into a forty-year-old mom for the remainder of this post).

Recently, I found out that a young person I know had been drinking.  A lot.  Okay, not exactly what I want to hear, but I’m not naive enough to think that it doesn’t happen.  Really, I’m not.  But then, said person continued on to say that after having quite a lot to drink he or she got in a vehicle and proceeded to drive.  Stop the car right there.

This is not okay.  I am not condoning drinking underage or getting drunk at any age for that matter, but if you’re going to do any of those things, for Pete’s sake do not get behind the wheel of a car!  You are not just putting your life on the line.  It is not right for you to put other people’s lives in your hands like that.

I cannot tell you how extremely disappointed I was to hear that he or she did that.  I was not exactly happy that he or she had been drinking underage and then had gotten drunk but to find out that they drove… finding that out about a person really changes how you see them.  It’s like finding out that they cheated.  What do you think about a person who is that careless and reckless?  Would they care enough about your safety to not get behind a wheel if you were with them?  It sure makes you wonder.  Just like it makes you wonder if you could stay with someone after they’ve cheated on you.

I know everyone make mistakes- teenagers sure make stupid ones- and I think that people do get second chances.  But this, sir, this right here- this is a biggie.  With big consequences that could be more than just a label of “drunk driver.”  And I can tell you that I wouldn’t let my son or daughter date someone who cheated or drove drunk.

Consider the lives, consider the label.  Don’t drink and drive.

And to this particular young person: You’re better than that.  Start acting like it.



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