Independence Day: The Day I Ended the Civil War

Okay, so either you read that and went “Oh, yeah, that’s right!” or “Wait a second… something’s not right here…”  Here in the grand ol’ U.S. of A, we celebrate Independence Day because of all of the liberties and freedoms that we’re so lucky to have here, and I think it’s important to remember that.  Sure, we’re not perfect.  But we definitely have a lot of things going for us.

But this article isn’t meant to be some heated political spiel.  It’s actually not really about “our nation’s birthday” at all.

I was watching Girl Meets World on Disney channel the other day because I was curious as to how well they were going to be able to spin off of Boy Meets World.  A little cheesy, but whatever.  Anyway, Cory was teaching a history class on the Civil War, and in doing so, he put this question to his class: What do you believe in so much that you would do anything to fight for it?  Maya, the best friend of his daughter Riley, causes a bunch of trouble, and Cory becomes angry when Riley tries to be just like her.  In the end, Riley takes Cory’s advice and “makes the world her own” by standing up for her best friend and by being herself- the one who gets them both out of the trouble Maya got them into- again.  She says that she’s won her Civil War.  Wouldn’t you say that it’s her Independence Day?

Everyone has something weighing on them, pulling them down, tearing them apart.  Everyone has their own Civil War.  It could be struggling with whether to follow in your father’s business and make him happy or tell him about your dream to become an artist.  It could be whether or not to tell your mom you ate the last cookie from the jar.  Whatever it is, it’s your Civil War that’s tearing you apart from the inside.  But once you make the world you own, stand up for what you believe in, and do the right thing, you’ll be liberated.  It’ll be your Independence Day.

You might even feel like shooting off some fireworks.



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