Be Artemis, not Aphrodite

In my last post I mentioned something about women being Aphrodite in our fantasies. Being the sexy, alluring man-catcher. The babe of the beach and the belle of the ball. 

And then I mentioned waking up and realizing we are slightly less perfect than Aphrodite. And you know what I think? That’s a good thing!

History lesson! I took Greek history my freshman or sophomore year of high school (is it bad that I can’t remember?) and one of the things that disturbed me most was the the whole temple sex thing. See, in certain areas of ancient Greece girls used to have to go to the temple of Aphrodite and literally sit there until some random man came to have sex with them. Religious prostitution. And you couldn’t leave until you’d had sex. Obviously the pretty girls got taken first and the poor less attractive girls sat there their entire lives. It’s really very terrible. But that’s what Aphrodite is all about. She’s the Greek goddess of love and sex and beauty. And in the modern world, it seems like she’s the goddess Hollywood and pop culture bow before.

History lesson! Artemis was the Greek goddess of virginity, childbirth (that doesn’t even really make sense, but whatever), hunting, the moon, and all this other cool stuff. And socially accepted rape didn’t come along with worshiping her! The other cool thing about Artemis was her Hunters. She had this group of girls who went with her everywhere. They did all their hunting together and then stood up for each other through thick and thin. They were athletic, powerful, and completely content just being together as girlfriends. 

Regardless of how you feel about hunting, I want to encourage you to be Artemis. Find your girlfriends and stick with them through everything. Don’t be Aphrodite and have hundreds of fleeting flings with boys, abandoning your girls during every single one. Be the girl whose personality and talents attract the boys, not the girl who shows everything to get their attention. Be strong and confident in yourself, by yourself, before you search for love. Search for love like Artemis and Orion. Not lust like Aphrodite and Ares. And find your bridesmaids before you find your groom. 


– Vivaz


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