There is hardly a friendzone so hardcore as the one that Marius puts on Eponine.  However, she also exhibits one of the greatest forms of love: selflessly giving up one’s life for someone else.  In day to day life, there aren’t many opportunities to literally give up your life for someone else’s, but you can still live in selfless love.

Earlier this year, Vivaz and I got in a fight over this guy I like.  He’s been steady with this girl for quite some time now, but all of his friends want them to break up because she treats him poorly and stifles all of his great qualities.  Vivaz was encouraging me to forget about him since we all know that he isn’t dumping her anytime soon.  The thing is, for me, it’s not about the relationship thing.  It’s not about getting together with him because I like him.  It’s about seeing him happy again, knowing that he has someone who will lift him up instead of tearing him down.  It doesn’t have to be me (although don’t get me wrong- it would’ve been great if it was).

And that is how it was for Eponine.  Sure, she was heartbroken that Marius would never love her back (I mean, come on!  “On My Own” is the single most kick-butt heartbreak song ever!), but at the end of the day, she loved him so much beyond herself that she died for him so that he could be with Cosette.  Now tell me that isn’t selfless.  Accepting that kind of pain so that someone else can be happy.

These are the people that are guardian angels on earth.  And that’s what I’ve resigned myself to be for him.  Now don’t misunderstand me: this isn’t me tooting my own horn and playing the martyr.  I simply have decided that the guardian angel policy is a good one to abide by.  Certainly I am in good company.



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