Better with Age

For as long as I can remember, I struggled with self-esteem issues.  I never really thought of myself as beautiful.  I wasn’t the girl that all the cute boys wanted to date.  I’m still not.  But I realized that beauty can come with age, and by surrounding yourself with people who make you feel good, the birth of a new perspective can show you the beauty within.

It’s a broken record.  You hear it all the time.  “Beauty is only skin deep.”  “Everyone is beautiful in her own way.”  Etc., etc., etc.  Those two concepts seem to contradict each other, but they’re both true.  So how do we reconcile them in our minds?  The key is loving yourself for your unique beauty.

Let’s zone in on physical beauty.  First, I care to reiterate that physical beauty is only skin deep.  And one day, that beauty will be wrinkles and gray hair.  When you’re 80, will it matter if you were pretty in high school?  Just like being homecoming queen, being physically attractive will not matter later in life.  As Jeavoi already discussed in “Mirror, Mirror,” keeping a clean appearance is always important, but I don’t need to re-hash all of that.  But, you can still love the physical attributes that make you “you” and allow your inner beauty to shine through.  Maybe you have beautiful eyes.  Maybe you have really soft, clear skin.  Whatever the trait is, love it!  It’s yours and nobody else’s!

The point I really want to make, though, is that physical beauty can very much stem from inner beauty.  It starts by turning your perspective around.  You are a wonderful person who deserves to be loved and respected.  Love yourself!  Do this, and you’ll see a physical transformation before your own eyes.  I used to think of myself as ugly and fat until I got myself out of a group of friends who were constantly putting me down.  As I healed emotionally and psychologically, the person I saw in the mirror changed.  It is true that I physically changed; I lost some weight and started taking care of myself again.  But I also stopped looking at myself as a victim and as someone who didn’t deserve to be treated well.  I started to love and care for myself and forgive myself for not caring in the past, and by surrounding myself with people who built me up instead of tearing me down, I began to see a young woman who is beautiful on the inside and out.

If you struggle with your self-image, I challenge you to keep a journal.  Here you can sort through all of your feelings and find the root of the problem.  Once you find the root, you’ll be on a better path to getting better.  More importantly, I want you to write in that journal one good thing about yourself, a compliment if you will, and one good thing that happened that day.  I know it will be hard in the beginning.  But I promise you it will get easier.  Doing this helped me begin to see the light.  Maybe down the road, you’ll be writing several things down a day.  Now won’t that feel great?

I’ll start.

1- I really care about other people and their thoughts and feelings.

2- Today I wrote a really good blog article that I hope people will read, enjoy, and find comfort and aide in.

Try it.



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