“There Are Two Ways to Be a Parisienne…

… by birth or by dress.”

You’re all getting ready for back-to-school (I know, summer went by way too fast!), and I know that one thing on your mind is “What the heck am I going to wear on the first day of school?!”  Naturally, all of the clothes in your closet are so  last year, and you have to have the perfect outfit to make sure the school year starts out right.  So, what’s a girl (or guy!) to do to spice things up and look like she’s stepped hot off the runway without breaking the bank?

The solution is easy.  Go Euro!

Hey, it’s Vivaz. There was a time a long, long time ago when European fashion was highly rare and desirable. Americans were generally a few months behind Parisian fashion. Nowadays, in the age of technology, fashion is pretty much the same universally. But there are some striking differences. Namely, the fact that more Europeans dress like they care than Americans do. The fashion is the same, but Europeans utilize that fashion more than Americans do. Example: I was talking to my good friend in Paris and she happened to mention that, in Paris, girls very rarely wear yoga pants. Nowhere are yoga pants high fashion, yet girls in the States tend to wear them quite a bit, whereas girls in Europe rarely wear them at all. So, here’s the deal; if you’re looking to go for the full Euro effect, shove your yoga pants in a dark corner and pull on your faded red jeans (trust me, they’re not only stylish, but they’re comfortable, too!)


Fall fashions are most definitely my favorite. By a long shot. There is something about tall leather boots, warm, earthy tones, and big, full scarves that just make me love getting up and getting dressed in the morning. These are some of my favorite Euro fashion trends for this fall:


Mustard yellow is a great color this fall. Mustard sweaters just have an antique, warm look to them that makes them look so easy to cuddle into. My favorite ways to wear mustard:

1.) Paired with navy blue. Mustard and navy look absolutely fantastic together.

2.) shoes! Mustard flats brighten any outfit.

3.) eye shadow. Just kidding! Please don’t do that.



Hey, it’s Enjouée, just popping in to talk about some of fashion’s more popular colors for this fall.  Three of this season’s hottest colors are emerald, koi, and vivacious.  They are seriously everywhere.  Especially in pants.  Colored pants are the thing right now especially as cooler weather hits and we’re all phasing our the shorts.  Just like Vivaz talked about with mustard, these colors can be used to accessorize an otherwise boring outfit by manifesting itself in a flowy scarf, cute handbag, or jewelry.  I would like to give honorable mention to the color samba because it is one of the most popular shoe colors (aside from your traditional neutrals).  When used correctly, this shoe can bring a definite pop to your fashion statement as long as you don’t go too gung-ho.  Lastly, I encourage you to use the picture above depicting this fall’s colors to your advantage; because they’re all side-by-side, it’s easy for you to see which colors compliment each other best.  And remember- it’s not about matching; it’s about complimenting!  So, have fun with your fall fashion!  TTFN- kicking it back to Vivaz for the next section.


Tall boots, short boots, big boots, little boots. Boots are fantastic! My personal favorite are brown leather boots, tall, that have just the slightest hint of slouch to them. But be wary of boots. When Christ said that many false prophets would come, I think he may have had boots in mind as well. Many false, ugly boots will come in the name of fashion and lead many girls astray. Namely, Uggs. Yes, I understand they are comfortable. But, ladies, since when has it been attractive to channel Bigfoot? I have been to Europe twice (the first time for three weeks, the second time for two months) in the past three years and I never once saw anyone wearing Uggs. They are gone. They must die.

Good Boots:

1.) tall leather (brown, black, maroon… subtle, earthy tones)

2.) short leather or suede (also in earthy tones)

3.) rain boots! Anything goes.

Bad Boots:

1.) Uggs

2.) velour slouchy boots that look like they are the reincarnation of 80’s flash dance.

3.) ankle boots in certain cases.

Here is where boots get personal. You need to know your body before you purchase a pair of ankle boots. Ankle boots can look quite stylish on girls with long, slender legs. Even on girls with average length legs. For example, Jeavoi cannot wear ankle boots. Her legs are fairly long, but she has more prominent hips and thighs. I (Vivaz) could wear ankle boots because I have more of a rectangular shape. My legs are, the same, fairly long and rather slender. But they are not long enough to ROCK ankle boots. Ankle boots- ankle anything for that matter- tend to make one’s legs appear shorter and stockier. Only go ankle if you have enough leg to make it look natural.

English: My 1 pair calf- and 2 pair sheepskin ...

English: My 1 pair calf- and 2 pair sheepskin boots (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Enormous knit sweaters are some of the greatest things about fall. Bright colors, bold colors, subtle colors, bland colors… anything goes when it comes to oversized sweaters. Here is where you can go nuts. Even some ugly sweaters become beautiful during the fall. In fact, most things become beautiful during the fall. Except Uggs. Those stay Uggly.





Literally. I have an addiction. It borders on the unhealthy. I just counted. I have over forty scarves in my closet. Scarves can make a boring, blah outfit a statement. They can dress up a more sloppy outfit. They can be worn draped over your shoulders for a dramatic flair, wrapped loosely around your neck for a cozy look, or tied around your waist for a skirt (that’s more summery, though…) heck, I have a big scarf that I use as my swim cover up! Scarves are FANTASTIC!!! And the best news is: with scarves there are really no rules. Do what you want. Have fun. This is your chance to make a statement.


Basically, the bigger the better. Patterns, solid, anything really. Again, your way to make a statement. And definitely do not let it match your shoes. That’s a very bad idea.

And just one final tip: we always recommend having a splash of color. The same tones and nothing else just makes for a boring outfit (see above). While cute, a patterned, colorful bag would spruce it up and make it memorable. Or a bright scarf. Something that gives the outfit flair.

However, just like with anything, there are somethings about fall fashion that we’re not too keen on…

Some Stuff We’re Not So Thrilled With:

1.) Uggs… but we’ve already covered those 😉

2.) Leggings. Any guys reading this will disagree (I mean, let’s be honest… leggings and yoga pants DO make a girl’s butt look pretty good) but, girls, here are a few words of wisdom about yoga pants: SPANDEX IS A PRIVILEGE, NOT A RIGHT. Here is another place where you MUST know your body type. I give girls who work out daily and have an athletic physique full right to wear yoga pants (in an appropriate setting). Girls who do not work out and do not have the trimmest figure should avoid leggings. They do nothing to help your form. Rather, they accentuate the parts of your body that, at this point in time, probably should not be accentuated. Remember, the most stylish women in the world dress for their bodies. Small interjection from Enjouée: Besides the fact that leggings aren’t even pants!  They’re meant to be worn with a dress or long sweater or SOMETHING over them!  Back to Vivaz with another tip: girls, guys like yoga pants because it accentuates your butt. They are staring at your butt. They are no longer focusing on your face, what you’re saying, how you’re feeling but rather how they think your butt is feeling. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather not be a free show for my school’s entire male population. And, if that’s not enough incentive not to wear yoga pants, remember, guys can produce kids until they die. Meaning even old men get turned on by a good butt. Think about that as you sit down in Mr. Smith’s math class on Tuesday.

3.) cheap looking stuff. OK, fashion letter jackets and leather jackets are great. Unless they look cheap. Rule of thumb: if you can see through it, don’t buy it. Granted, this doesn’t generally apply to leather/faux-leather jackets. But, please, ladies, you can pinch in certain areas but in regards to leather jackets and letter jackets, don’t. Invest in a good jacket. A jacket is more of a statement and less of a piece of clothing. Make a good statement.

So, as you’re sifting through your closet trying to find the perfect back-to-school outfit we hope something in this post will hope you find that stellar first-day outfit. But we also hope that this advice won’t die after the first week of school. Just remember that it really isn’t any harder to pull on sweatpants than it is to pull on jeans. And tying a scarf is no harder than tying your sneakers.

-Vivaz & Enjouée


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