Man’s Best Friend

Have you ever wondered what life is like for a dog?  What does he do during the day when he’s home alone?  How is he such a good judge of a person’s character?  How does he manage to love unconditionally?

Countless times you’ve heard dogs referred to as “man’s best friend.”  But why is it that the dog is man’s best friend and not some other animal?  We’re not going to look to history even though history could probably give us some clues.  Rather, we will look at the traits that make dogs so loveable.  Sorry, Cat People, there are just some things about dogs that make them more loveable than cats, but don’t worry, I have a special place in my heart for cats, too.  I just feel that we can learn more from dogs.

A very prominent trait in the dog is his unwavering loyalty.  Thus, he makes a wonderful companion.  Who doesn’t want a loyal friend?  Face it, if you have a dog and a cat, the dog is probably around way more than the cat.  You’ve probably heard heartwarming stories of dogs waiting at bus stops at 3 p.m. sharp every school day to walk their kids home.  That is loyalty right there.  And who’s been there for you when no one else was?  The dog!  Somehow the dog always knows when you’ve had a bad day and will come snuggle up by you to cheer you up.  And, hey!  You never have to worry about him spilling your secrets!

Dogs also have a good sense of judgment.  They have the type of sound judgment that Vivaz was talking about in “Tips for the First Day.”  Dogs can smell trouble from a mile away, and they’re always quick to let you know if something doesn’t feel right.  Although cats are similar when it comes to this, they also tend to be more suspicious in general.  It usually takes them much longer to warm up to people than it usually takes a dog.  Thus, we learn from the dog the delicate balance between using sound judgment to assess situations and putting ourselves out there to get to know new people.

The ultimate lesson we can learn from the dog is this: unconditional love.  I don’t allow my dog to sleep in my bedroom at night because I need the door closed so it’s pitch black and she likes to roam the corridors at night.  I always feel guilty about it because she’s so sad that I won’t let her in, but the next morning, she is happy to see me again.  The idea of unconditional love seems to come in conflict with the idea of sound judgment.  How can you love unconditionally if, using your sound judgment, you avoid people?  My answer to you is this: you don’t have to like everyone, but you do have to love them.  Yes, you may love them from very far away ;).  It’s like a plaque Dr. Peter told my choir about: “Be like the dog.  Love everybody.”

Besides, aren’t dogs just adorable?


Okay.  I’ll admit.  He’s pretty cute, too.

All images were just googled and copied.  They do not belong to me.


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