Sugar, Spice, and the Teenage Life

Sugar: my girlfriends (and guyfriends!), my fantastic family, my parish, and my extreme luck (yay!).
Spice: my globe-trotting, my summer abroad, and some of the wacky, wonderful people I’ve met along the road.
Teenage Life: I am a high school student determined to have as much fun as possible before my 9:30 bedtime (self-imposed, for the record) while juggling AP classes, horseback riding, and international friendships. I am very stubborn and have a very short temper, something I am not very proud of. I love talking; politics; talking politics; singing along with Hunter Hayes, Katy Perry, Daddy Yankee, and pretty much every other artist… except rap artists… I just don’t GET rap… I am bilingual and love everything Spanish and Spain-related, especially soccer (go Athletic Club!) and gazpacho (yummy!). My faith is super-duper important to me; my not-so-faithful friends often tease me about how religious I am. Kind of like the media… anyway, my faith is important to me, as is my family. As square as this may sound, my mother IS my best friend. And I can truthfully say she knows everything about me… well, almost everything… I have lots of girlfriends, with a tight circle of close friends, lots of good guyfriends, and one ex-boyfriend, now my best guyfriend. While not perfect, my Teenage Life is full of plenty of sugar, with just enough spice to give it kick. – Vivaz

Bienvenidos! Bienvenue! Welcome! Going for the trilingual entrance there. Sugar: basically all of the blessings a girl could ask for- acting talent, a voice, a wonderful family, fantastic girlfriends (oh, there are some guyfriends, too!). Spice: a spunky personality; a second, international family; some of life’s general hurdles. Teenage life: looming college, ACT, final exams, Prom, cafeteria food… what more could there possibly be?! Well, I’ll tell you. I already mentioned the fantastic people in my life. Basically, I spend practically my entire life in a theater. When one show closes, another one is opening. I am pushing fluency in Spanish and just started learning French. Interesting thing is, I can understand a lot of Italian that’s spoken to me, but I can’t really respond. Speaking of Italian, my quarter of Sicilian blood definitely takes over my personality: I am extroverted, lively, confident, and really really loud. I have also had the pleasure of globetrotting (more on that later), and like Vivaz, my faith is super important to me. When I’m not in a show (or practicing for one for that matter), you’ll find me writing, reading, playing piano, or taking photos… not to mention the occasional homework. Let’s just say that life is full of enough sugar, spice, and, um… teenagers? to keep me busy! –Enjouée

Sugar:The only f words you’ll catch me using- my family, my friends, my faith. My dog is pretty high up there, too. In my recipe for a sweet life, I include time for writing, movie making, and socializing- my favorite pasttimes. Spice: My humor. What can I say? Without a sense of humor, I wouldn’t get through the day. Teenage life: Boys, high school, and the constant battle to like what I see in the mirror. Add that to my love/hate relationship with violin and excercise, and you have my life. Oh, and I can’t forget another favorite pasttime of mine- staring into the mirror and wondering how long it’ll be before I get my braces off. *Sigh* -Jeavoi


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